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To make the event more Attractive and to help Approx. 5,00,000++ visitors to surf their interested categories.

The whole event is divided into 4 zones.
  • Business Software Zone
  • ITES & BPO Zone
  • Mobile Application Zone
  • E-Commerce Zone

Business Software Zone

Software showcasing is one of the key attractions of "BASIS SOFTEXPO 2017". This is such a platform where software companies from all around the world and also Bangladesh gather at one place and showcase their products and services to the audience. A wide range of business organizations from large conglomerates to SMEs, government departments & agencies, nonprofit & development organizations as well as individual buyers will be participating in this Software Showcase. The sole purpose of the software showcasing expo is to represent Bangladesh as digitally ready to take any software related challenges. This expo will also demonstrate the capacity of our software industry to innovate more creative, challenging and mission-critical software solution. The Expo will demonstrate the latest technologies and future opportunities under the same roof.


IT enabled services and business process outsourcings (BPO) are some of the sub-segments of business process outsourcing industry. Now a day these two segments are the dominating players in the ICT sector of Bangladesh. Through rapid movement towards digitization and Bangladesh is the new destination for outsourced jobs. Economic labor is a pluspoint for Bangladesh to get outsourced jobs. The expo will bring those players in Bangladesh under one roof.

Mobile Application Zone

As smart phones gained tremendous popularity among people Bangladesh is getting attention from global smartphone industry as an emerging destination for mobile app developers. Smartphones in Bangladesh is a very innovative and potential sector and hence, Bangladesh is gradually being recognized as a potential innovator for smartphone related software all over the world. Government of Bangladesh has been using mobile platform as a dominant channel for education administration, e-Service delivery to the citizens and many more. Development of many applications and games has brought tremendous success for Bangladesh over the last few years. Moreover, mobile banking has contributed in the financial development of Bangladesh. In order to showcase the various innovations and evolving technologies that might attract the audience. App development is a significant section of the market which has brought many successes for Bangladesh in the recent years. This is one of the key attractions of this year's event and one of the main untapped sectors of the Bangladeshi labor force.

E-Commerce Zone

e-Commerce in Bangladesh has evolved very fast over last 10 years. There are international and local companies entering the e-Commerce sector not just for buying and selling but also for new and innovative ways to make profit through online services. Electronic Commerce or e-Commerce is rapidly growing as an impressive manifestation of globalization. It is the system where products and services are continuously being traded by the use of digital technology such as internet / social media / mobile apps etc. As a result, e-Commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them. As e-Governance facilitates e-Commerce our country has seen tremendous growth of e-Commerce sites in last couple of years. This is another area of attraction for this year's event.