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About The Company

The primary objective of Fosholi is to significantly enhance the capacity of (Smallholder) farmers, retailers and extension agents by providing localized advice. The advisory services are customized, advanced geo-data and improved agronomic practices which transform into actionable crop-specific advice for farmers. Fosholi will eventually empower the farmers in solving all critical problems they face due to lack of information. Fosholi services are available through different delivery channels including SMS. automated outbound calls and an android-based platform – Fosholi. Through the Fosholi platform, farmers can get advisory services regarding crop sustainability, agronomic practices, pest and diseases alerts, weather forecasts, market information and customized notification. Thus, they enable to make informed decision of the entire crop production cycle. 1,05,000 farmers from 4200 farmers club all around the 12 districts of the country are regularly getting relevant information and advisory service of their own area by IDSS project. Beside getting advice regarding pre-cultivation, cultivation and post cultivation concerned farmers are also getting training about proper use of developed agriculture input. Along with providing training to farmers by IDSS project, 240 businessmen of agriculture input and 960 agriculture extension officials are being trained too, who are expected to contribute by expanding the services of IDSS projects to other farmers of those 12 districts. Through reliable and updated advisory, the farmers could increase the productivity up to 15% and income by up to 20%.

Our Products

Fosholi - Agri-Advisory Service based Mobile App

Product Website: https://fosholi.com/

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Company Owner :

Shamim Murad

General Manager

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Mahrab Masud Deep

Senior Executive,Marketing and Communication

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 01778299616
Address: ACI Center, 245 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka
Company Website: http://www.aci-bd.com/