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About The Company

Technohaven is an independent software and system integration house since 1986. It has been providing software solutions, mobile apps, IT outsourcing and consulting services to a large number of financial houses, multinational companies, local corporate bodies, government organizations and international development agencies. Technohaven practices ISO 9001 quality assurance since 2001 and CMMI level 3 certified practices since 2016 which ensure high quality IT service and customer support. In 16th BASIS SoftExpo 2020, Technohaven is showcasing, ‘VATPrompt. Which is our NBR approved VAT Management software for Taxpayers under 2012 VAT Laws and 2019 VAT Rules. VATPrompt application takes care of all NBR forms and processes under the VAT law and rules. IT caters to all industry categories for manufacturing, exports, imports, trading and services. VATPrompt is automatically updated with VAT SRO’s and connects with IVAS and ERP systems via APIs. Technohaven's other products and services are: Tehnohaven e-Flow brings automated workflow processes in an easy-to-use solution that can be configured for any organization. e-Flow liberates the organization and the workers from tedious paperwork and saves everyone valuable times and money. It helps automate routine business processes in whole or part and automatically checks for necessary validations and documentation gaps. Technohaven is a leader in providing IT Project Management Consulting, in short PMC services and has worked with many of the largest IT systems implementations under funding from Govt. and development partners such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Many of the large IT systems have already used this separation of design and supervision functions from development and implementation functions under separate contracts. This international best practice is now used in large IT system procurement's as a matter of policy. Technohaven is on process to provide ultimate e-payment solution as well as customizations for your e-commerce business. To serve e-commerce sector in Bangladesh, with easy to use facilities, Technohaven has put together an online payment solution. The e-wallet allows you to use multiple credit cards and bank account numbers in a secure environment, and eliminate the need to enter account information when making your payment. Once you have registered and created your profiles, you can make payments faster. Technohaven is pioneering the use of Blockchain technology in business operations. Algorand is a fully democratic cryptocurrency dedicated to fulfilling the global promise of blockchain technology. Algorand is the first public blockchain protocol which solves decentralization, security and scalability all at once. Indeed, Algorand is defining the standard for blockchain technology that could bring about a faster, cheaper, more secure, borderless economy. We are building online platforms using Blockchain technology in partnership with Hyperledger Fabric and Corda. ML integration helps your business to contextualize data and significantly reduce efforts to transform data sets for better insights. And AI integration takes your business to a different level where you can speculate the future scopes or limitations before taking any major step. Our advanced solutions are ready to build with the latest technologies and with intensive customization to serve the business needs according to the demand.

Our Products

VATPrompt (VAT Accounts Management System)


Project Management Consultancy (PMC)



Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Product Website: http://technohaven.com/vatp

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Company Owner :

Habibullah N. Karim

Founder & CEO

Contact Person :

Md. Showkath Ali

Head of Operation

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 8801711696204
Address: Fattah Plaza (9th Floor), 70 Green Road, Dhaka-1205
Company Website: www.technohaven.com